Fibaro RGBW Controller 2 - creates 10 devices?


Is anyone successfully using the Fibaro RGBW Controller 2 ?

I installed mine with 4 white LED strips and it’s created 10 devices (6 dimmable lights and 4 sensors).

While it works, there does not seem to be a single device (node) I can use to control them, it requires a combination to be on ( dimmable 1+2 on and then dimmable 3 can then work as the light slider?

There are also a number of Generic Sensors that we’re created - no idea why ??..

I have a ticket logged with support for this, but I’m wondering if I’m the only one who has seen this ?

Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this ?

Hi There,
We will do a retest in the next two days and will share our expirience.

Thank you,
Ezlo Integration Team.

Many thanks @DzhanAli

I’ve excluded and re-included it multiple times, but still the same.

Attached is a photo of how it’s currently installed, I’ve tried it on R and W, same result, the choice of colour seems to relate to the Dimmer Switch # that has to be included for it to come on…

For example …

  • When wired into R (OUT1) it needed _Dimmable Light, _Dimmerable Light 1 and _Dimmerable Light 2 to all be on for it to work
  • When wired into W (OUT4) it needed _Dimmable Light, _Dimmerable Light 1 and _Dimmerable Light 5 to all be on for it to work

And looking at the device list, I have the following

Dev Description id
144 _Dimmable Light 18
145 m15
146 _Dimmable Light 1 e1
147 _Dimmable Light 2 e2
148 _Dimmable Light 3 e3
149 _Dimmable Light 4 e4
150 _Dimmable Light 5 e5
151 _GET_LANG(generic_sensor,sensor) e6
152 _GET_LANG(generic_sensor,sensor) 1 e7
153 _GET_LANG(generic_sensor,sensor) 2 e8
154 _GET_LANG(generic_sensor,sensor) 3 e9

Hi @DzhanAli

Just checking in to see if you’ve been able to test this to help determine a fix ?

Many thanks

Hi @DzhanAli

Are there any updates you can share ?

Many Thanks

Hi @DzhanAli

One more try ….

Hello @parkerc,
I’m sorry for the late response, we made a retest of the device and understood that it was broken, so we had to spend more time, waiting to get a new one.

As I understand, you need to use this type of connection(not sure is it the same as on the png that you sent), for single color is it like this?


Also, we connected it to the IOS system, it shows 5 controllers(R, G, B, W, and main one) and it doesn’t show any sensors that you mentioned.

Can you please tell me which exactly platform are you using and what is your firmware version is?

Thanks so much for getting back to me @DzhanAli

I’m on a VeraPlus, running the latest version 1.7.5186 (7.31)

And if I translate my wiring onto the same sort of diagram, but with just the one white LED strip, I believe I have the following….

FYI - I have the following power supply -

Hello @parkerc, if I understood you clearly you should use this type of connection if you want to connect just one LED strip, earlier you mentioned that you want to connect 4 white LED strips, but it is fine, on our side we are trying to investigate why you have such visualization of devices in the list.

Many thanks @DzhanAli

Sorry for any confusion, my first post was quite a while ago, but to keep things simple, i have single colour white LED strip running off of one connection on the Fibaro RGBW 2 module, and checking the diagram again, I believe I have that implemented as expected…

Looking forward for further updates on this, as i agree it’s strange to have so many nodes/devices added.

Hi @DzhanAli

Just wanted to this post alive so it can not only helps me but also others too.

Please could you let me know what the latest is on this, is there something I can do ?


Hi! I was having trouble finding this information on Google and the manual. Can you share with me where to get a copy of it?

Hi @DzhanAli - what information do you need ?

The manual is here - >

The one colour set up is on page 10, section 4.3 - I’m just using one colour LED strip not 4…

Any updates on this issue? Still having trouble getting the 442 to work properly in Vera.

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