Fibaro RGBW Color Change with Outside Temperature, PLEG Problems

I’m currently working on a PLEG setup that will change my Fibaro RGBW colors depending on the temperature outside.

I’ve attached a PDF of my status report. I know that the issue has to be with my condition’s syntax, but I can’t seem to figure it out. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Program Logic Event [165] Status Report.pdf (61.6 KB)

A couple of questions:

  1. Instead of a logic report, can you post a status report? If populates those empty Value, Last Change, Previous Change, Last True, and Last False fields to give a clue how the conditions are working.
  2. When you manually run an action, are you getting colors changing? I do not have those devices but even if the conditions are working, if the action is not working, no joy.

I have Hue lamps and I have not been able to control color within Vera. But I have not spent too time researching since the Hue app on the phone works pretty well. I use Vera to only turn on/off and dim the lamps.


I actually got it working. The problem was that my syntax for the conditions needed changed. Instead of “Local_Apparent_Temp <= 32 AND > 20” I needed Parenthesis around the arguments, “(Local_Apparent_Temp <= 32) AND (Local_Apparent_Temp > 20)”. Once I changed this, the code worked. I also cleaned up the code a bit.

So far, it works perfectly. I need to fine tune the colors though.

I’m thinking of adding another condition to run the “thunderstorm” Animation on the fibaro lights when DarkSky reports rain. But haven’t quite worked out that logic.

Temperature to RGBW Status Report.pdf (62.9 KB)

Glad it worked out.

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