Fibaro RGBW as input output 4 channel

I can’t seem to figure out the manual as it appears largely written for the Fibaro controller to be used with the RGBW controller.

Does anyone have a cheat sheet or guide or head start?

If anyone is interested i had a spare controller as i decided to go another way for something i was doing so i am setting up safety/feature lighting on the stairs.
2 ebay 12v motion sensors (these basically toggle on for 10 seconds when they sense motion) which i want to put as 2 of the inputs.
6 ebay 12v small flush mount trailer navigation lights grouped in 3 x 2.
When a sensor is triggered from downstairs the bottom 2 lights come on, then middle 2, then top 2, and reverse when top sensor is triggered.

Also planning on using spare input for another switch as i needed to trigger something else.