Fibaro Motion Sensor

Hello Guys

I am new to the home automation systems so i need some of your help.
I recently bought my VeraPlus and decided to start a small alarm system with it, i have 1 Fibaro motion sensor, 2 Aeotec Motion sensors and 2 sirens from Aeotec.
So far it is workin ok, except the fact that the Fibaro motion sensor has drained 2 batteries in 2 months…

Can someone explain to me how do i set up the device to more optimal settings? And where do i do that???

Thanks a lot


Go to motion sensor → Settings. Change wakeup interval to maybe 600 seconds (10 minutes) - if its higher leave it. Look at the polling interval and set that to a low number or default (blank).

You can also go and change settings using the Device Options where you can change individual parameters. Then you need to add configuration settings and look at this manual: Wireless Smart Home and Home Automation | FIBARO

When putting in new configuration settings follow these steps:
Dashboard > Devices > Device options > ? Add configuration settings ?.
A new window will pop up asking for Variable , Data Size , Desired Value.
Variable: enter the Parameter Number (found in the manual)
Data Size: this value will be shown in the device?s user manual ? for parameters with a range of <255 select ?1 byte dec?
Desired Value: enter the value you would like this parameter set to.
Click the ?SAVE CHANGES? button to ensure you save your settings.


The Fibaro should not be draining that fast on the default settings, it is already optimized for battery life. You may need a repeater or othe powered z-wave device between your Vera and the Fibaro, if the Fibaro is too far away from the Vera. The only setting I have seen to cause an issue is the temperature setting if the sensor is near an outside door that is opened and closed a lot, the continued triggering of the temperature report can drain your battery. If that is the case you can turn the temperature off, change it to a timed report instead of a threshold report in the parameters.

Thanks guys, i changed the wakeup time to few days, because the device is just a normal motion sensor for the alarm funktion.
Lets see how long does it takes this time.