Fibaro Keyfob buttons stopped working after last firmware update (1.7.4453)

After the last firmware update (1.7.4453) the Fibaro Keyfob FGKF-601 buttons ceased to work properly.

Now, the Vera Controller only acknowledges one function for each button, no matter how many times you tap it.

You need to rearrange the configuration in the following order:

To work with square button → square button one tap
To work with circle button → square button two taps
To work with cross button → square button three taps
To work with triangle button → square button hold
To wok with minus button → circle button one tap
To wok with plus button → circle button two taps

No matter what you associate with for the other functions, it will not work. No matter how many times you tap or hold a button, it will always do what is reconfigured for that button according to the list above.

Hope that this can be fixed soon.

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Hi corceiro, thank you so much, i were crazy trying to fix my keyfob, i have drained 2 batteries making tests, and vera support telling me to reset fibaro keyfob was the solution. I explained to support team that this problem has appeared once we update firmware, but they don’t think so, anyway, thanks again, and i hope they solve this issue because i need to use more commands. Regards.

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