Fibaro Implant and Vera Edge

Purchased implant for the purpose of opening/closing garage door only. It’s paired ok, but has included temp. sensor and security sensor, is this normal.

Research indicates that I need to change some parameters of the implant to make it open and close. When I go into the Advanced section in VeraEdge, the parameters I need to change are not visible.

Anyone help please


Hi there,

yes, what you see is normal. it has a temp sensor, generic sensors, switch, voltage sensors, scene controller in-wall switch.

Follow these steps please
Once you paired your fibaro implant. Go to devices menu on Vera app and then

Fibaro FGBS Smart Implant and touch the arrow on the right and go to touch on ZWAVE SETTINGS
now you must be able to see a plus sign in a green circle button. Check the PDF file and enter the parameter ID and value.

you can go to section 10.2 or page 21 then you can find the parameters there. On vera application, application go to

here is how you can fine-tune your fibaro implant.

Let me know if you get it done.

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Hello Ben

Thank you some much for your help.
I’ve sort of fumbled my way to where I think variables need to be added. I’ve taken scree shoot of the area, is this correct?
Looked in the manual but could not find where to change parameter 156 and 157 to value 0.1s

I use the implant to control my garage door. The implant acts as a short pulse, connected in parallel to the manual control switch (it’s a chamberlain 850 opener).

I’ve configured parameter 156 to do this, 156 holds the time in 0.1 seconds after which the pulse is deactivated. My screenshot:

Variable 154 shows the NO/NC character, it’s monitor only to confirm to my that the contact is normally open (NO).

Variable 156 is at value 5, so that the contact is pulsed for 0.5 seconds.

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Thank you Jouked

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