Fibaro Heat Controller + Fibaro Temperature Sensor

Hey everyone, its any person who use a Fibaro Heat Controller + Fibaro Temperature Sensor ( this for bluetooth ) and Vera Plus ? I have problem in my Vera Panel all its ok i see a temperature from bluetooth sensor, i see a Current Setpoints and when i manual change a setpoint on Heat Controller its change on my vera panel, but its doesnt change to another side.

Its Heat Controller fully compatiblity with vera plus ? I spend lots of money for this and i can only use it manually ? :frowning:

I have one, wihtout the bluetooth sensor. I bought it when it first came out it is a version 4.0.
Fibaro had lots of trouble with it. the algorytem was wrong.
They have updatet firmware now to 4.7 and it seems to work for Fibaro devices.
Unfortunently you cannot update unless you have a Fibaro gateway, so mine is still on 4.0 and useless.
I do not know if newer versions work with Vera.
I would wish it would be possible to update it through Vera.

There is a lot about it in the old forum.