Fibaro Heat Controller FGT-001 TRV - Status? Seems to be working

Does Vera currently support the FGT-001 TRV? I bought one just as they came on the market (so it’s one with the crappy old firmware), never got it to work, and left it in the drawer for a good while.

Today I took it out and gave it a go again. This time it included ok and it seems to respond to commands just fine. I love the fact that it responds to setpoint changes instantly, which is useful for the rooms which I keep cold until I go in there.

Before I splurge on more of these things, I’d like to be sure that there are no other issues with them. Are these now fully supported? What are people’s experience with these so far?

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Fibaro has had a lot of problems with this device and firmware before 4.5 is not relayable.
The broblem is that you cannot get the updates on other controllers than Fibaro.
(Whish Vera could make a deal vith fibaro).
As you I left mine in the drawer for about 2 years.
I dont know anyone in the naighborhood who has a fibaro.

I had mine running for a week now, and it seems to be ok, still responding to commands and managing the radiator temperature correctly.

Just in case, I returned it to the vendor who can perform an upgrade for me, and he’ll send me 2 more units. If anything weird comes up, I’ll report here.

I’ve installed 3 of these with firmware 4.5, and thus far they are holding up ok. The external temperature sensors show up as a “generic sensor” in Vera and do not report the temperature, but they should still help the TRVs to regulate the room temperature.