Fibaro FGWPF Wall Plug

I recently received the new FIBARO Wall Plug, and it is working fine with MCV.

In the manual it’s written quite a lot about alarms.

“Z-Wave network alarm will be signalled by LED ring according to the
parameter 63 settings. Blinking in Red/Blue/White is a default

“34. Reaction to alarms.
Define Z-Wave network alarms to which the Wall Plug will respond.
Default setting: 63
Available settings: 0 - 63.
1 - general alarm,
2 - smoke alarm,
4 - CO alarm,
8 - CO2 alarm,
16 - high temperature alarm,
32 - flood alarm,
63 - device responds to all types of alarm frames.
Set value may be a sum of available values, e.g. set value = 5 means
the Plug will respond to general alarm (1) and CO alarm (4).
Parameter: 1 [byte]”

Anyone know if it is possible to use this for something? I was thinking about getting the device to flash if the temperature is below a setpoint. Or if I forget to close the garage door etc…
I have also come across this with other Fibaro products and wonder if MCV can handle these alarms?