Fibaro FGT and FGS for boiler heating

I’m trying to setup the heating in my home using 7 FGT-001 as thermostats (three in the Livingroom and one in each of the other rooms) and one FGS-214 (as the boiler relay), on a Vera Plus controller.
I need the boiler to start whenever the ambient temperature falls 0.5 degrees below the setpoint in any room and stop when the ambient temperature in all rooms is at lease 0.5 degrees in all rooms. Setpoints will be different in each room.
What solution would you recommend?
So far I’ve used Vera for lights automation and only had to use standard scenes so I’m quite noob in this. I just found out that the scenes use “OR” as a logical operator for multiple triggers.
Oh, and I’m using the latest (beta) firmware for the controller and controlling each device works well.

You probably can’t do that in standard Vera scenes. I would look at the Reactor plugin for Vera which is a 3rd party rules logic engine.

Hi Copilus, with scenes is not possible to set that trigger (ambient temperature falling x amount below the setpoint). As cw-kid suggested you can try using the Reactor plugin to achieve what you want.

However, if it works for you, it is possible to trigger a scene when the ambient temperature falls below x degrees and then create more scenes to stop the boiler relay when x temperature is reached, as long as the temperature is a specific number it can be done just with scenes. Let me know if you have any other questions!

Boiler heating implies hot water in radiators. Keep in mind that even though you may stop the boiler at some point the radiators will still be producing heat. Most thermostats used for hot water heat include a ‘heat anticipater’ that will turn off a boiler before a setpoint is reached, anticipating that heating will continue for a while.