Fibaro FGS221 dont show up in UI

Hello all.
This strange thing happens on my IU5 and Vera Mobile on my Android.
One of the devices (e1) of my Fibaro FGS221 (2x1,5KWh relay switch) does not appear anymore on device list.
If i do use AutHomation or Home Buddy on Android, the three devices show up and work correctly (e1,e2, master).
Seems like a bug on Vera related software.
I already tried to repair (SETUP - Z-wave Settings - Repair) and resetting the power to the device.
Any suggestion?


See this post.

The latest vera firmware will hide the 3rd device. This is intentional.

  • Garrett

Weird, the 3 devices were visible for about 2 weeks (since installation) and i don’t think that vera has been updated meanwhile.
Anyway, thank you.