Fibaro FGS-224


is VERA aware of that Fibaro released a new switch (FGS-224)?
Does anybody know it will work with VERA?

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Has anyone tried those switches? I’m wondering too…

Yes it works but for the moment , i was not able to send parameters.
But for basic function, no problem


Thank you for contacting Ezlo/Vera Tech Support!

Keep in mind that Double Smart Module FGS-224 is not fully integrated into the Vera Controllers, It doesn’t strictly mean that is incompatible. Most non-integrated can be paired using the option Generic Z-Wave option
and work duly. However, we can not guarantee the good functioning of the device. Some devices may display errors or not have all the features available.
Here you can check all the devices compatible with our new Ezlo Platform:

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J. David P.
Customer Care-Tech Support!