Fibaro FGS-223 no longer working after upgrading to 1.7.4453

I’ve upgraded my Vera Plus to firmware 1.7.4453. After the upgrade, Vera tried to reconfigure the one FGS-223 in my network. It is now showing as a scene controller, including a tab to associate buttons with scenes. The 2 child switch devices are missing.

Any way to fix this? I have not tried re-inclusion since that’s a last resort measure for me, the device is mounted in a pattress box in the shed, not easily moved close to Vera for inclusion, and the “replace failed” feature in Vera is also broken.

it’s a know issue. You have to re-include it. Yes, it hurts, but then the device will work ok. If you have a button attached, just press it 3 times. I re-included my 30 devices without moving them.

I have the same issue. Two FGS-223s not working properly.
And seriously, I have fiddled with them for hours. Excluded and re-included both of them 10 times, no success. I have done it close to the Vera Edge, far away from it, both using the FGS-223 GUI Wizard and the Generic Zwave device method. Nothing works.

The devices sometimes work, when the child devices are present. But that seems to be random, they often disappear. The challenge is not being able to configure them, as I need to for associations. But they fail to configure. And they fail with “Failed at: setting special association”, even though there are no associations defined.
Then they fail at “getting secure classes”, and “device failed to configure”.

Tried support, but that doesn’t work either, seems to be down. FGS-223 with Vera has been a nightmare for two years, they never solved it in my opinion.

Fw 7.29 was ok for me. What you described seems to be the situation with previous fw.

Why do they call 1.7.4453 for 7.29? Confusing.

Yes, I am running 1.7.4453, whatever they call it. For me it was better with previous version regarding the inclusion process, but the delay/re-transmit issues made it useless. So they have been on the shelf until now. Still no luck with them. Man, the hours I have wasted on this issue, I could probably have migrated to anything else instead.

@Sorin would you know of there is anything new on the FGS223 front?

I still had problems after the large firmware update and was forced to move those devices to my HomeSeer controller and make a bridge to Vera, but would like to move them back some day…

In all fairness to Vera, it does not work perfectly on HS either and after lengthy discussions with Fibaro support, we reached the conclusion that there is a bug or at least an inconsistency in the control interface.
Fibaro controllers fix this, but other seem to be left in the dark (:slightly_smiling_face:). HA community reported problems for some time as well, but seems fixed now.

As far as I understand there is NO communication between Fibaro and Vera staff to solve this problem. This frustrates me…

Do you have polling enable? I have about 30 of them, as I said, and they’re all working OK now. I now @Bobone has still problems, and I confirm I had to swap some 223 with 222, because “pulse” feature (turn off automatically after x sec after turn on) was not working, and I needed it for my gates. Excluding this, they work very well in “normal” switch configuration. They turn on/off as I click them, and scenes are very reliable (in fact, I use a couple of them as virtual switch, running scenes thru vera, involving lights, dimmers, blinds - and it’s all working almost instantly, usually < 1 sec of me turning on the switch).

Mine are working just fine as switches, also from GUI (when the child devices are present, they mostly are).
The problem is that Vera (Edge) fails in configuring them. And I need to do that to make them useful for my use case.

The support form is working again, so I submitted a ticket. I guess they will have me running around excluding and re-including for a couple of days. :wink:

When in this state, you have to configure them again. If you have a previous backup where they are working, simply restore it. Sometimes the configuration is missing. FW 7.30, now in closed alpha, seems to handle better this kind of situation. I’m running it since a couple of days and I have no “getting secure classes” or “the device is not responding” anymore. It should be ready in weeks (I’m not sure how many, this is their decision, obviously).

Ok, thank you!

I have never used these devices on current firmware before, so no backup. Guess I’ll just have to wait for support to respond, or the upcoming firmware.