Fibaro FGRM-222 won't trigger triple click-up

Hi all.

I’m trying to build a scene using Fibaro FGRM-222 as a scene controller. so far so good, but I’m not able to trigger sceneid=15 (triple click up).
I’m able to trigger double click up/down and triple click down.

anyone got the same problem?


I can’t find anything on the use of this as a scene controller. I am trying to use one as a scene controller of sorts because I have three roller blinds in one room and each needs its own controller. I would like to have another FGRM-222 sending scene signals to the other three so that I can partially raise and lower all blinds together. However, all I have been able to do so far is get it to trigger a full raising and lowering using the scene feature in the Vera lite. Where can I research more?

Use of FGRM-222 multiclick scenes with Vera

Newer Fibaro modules don’t enable triple click on S1 button anymore, as they have repurposed triple click on S1 for module association.
You can still do double click on S1 and double/triple click on S2 button.
If you need triple click on S1, you will need to find an older generation of Fibaro module.