Fibaro FGRM-222 Roller Shutter controlled via Wall Controller Wall C

I have 3 FGRM-222 Roller Shutters. I control them either via UI7 on my Vera 3 or either via the Wall C wall Controller (from Z-Wave>Me).
Via UI7 it is pretty easy; just click on “open/close” or “Up”/“Down”. Or choose a percentage. Works perfect.

But than the Wall C.
I can perfectly get them in 0% or 100% with the controller. Just press the top button (1) or the bottom button (3), to either go ‘up’ or ‘down’.

Then, my questions:

  • hold the top button (1) and the roller shutter should go up until I release the button. Shutter should stop. This works, but reversed. So, if I press the top button, the shutter goes down, until I stop. Same for the other way around…
    Can anyone help on how I should get this the other way round? So ‘holding up button’, means shutter goes up?

  • when I press shortly on the e.g. top button(1), the shutter goes up. Fine. But than I want it to stop. I cannot get it stopped. Is there a way to do this? For example to press again on the same button or something like that?

Thanks for your answers in advance!

I have 4 FGR-222 they all work perfectly.

1.Can you use Vera Dashboard to set/open/close each FGR to a specific percentage?
2.did you calibrated it?
3.Which kind of Wall switch buttons do you have? I have 3 buttons for each FGR-222 (up-stop-down)
4.Did you connected the wires as per pdf?

Ciao Flavio

Hi I’m also using Fibaro FGRM-222 for a blind. I want to control the blind via a wall switch (AEOTEC WallMote Double). A button to move blind up and the other button to move the blind down - I can easily do this now. I wanted to add a feature: press a button once to move blind one way and press again to stop and the same for the other button. Would appreciate assistance on how to achieve this via scenes, Lua, etc?