Fibaro FGR221 - paranormal activity

I have a Fibaro FGR221 controlling the front awnings, which has worked fine for about a year, but lately I’ve noticed some strange behavior. A few times we’d wake up in the morning to find that the awnings were lowered some time during the night.

At some point I noticed that the awnings go down when I turn off the upstairs hallway light (and go up when I turn that light on). It only happens when I use the local switch (which we almost never do), not when we switch the light remotely. I put it down to an association glitch in the light switch, reprogrammed it, and the issue stopped. Then it shifted to the bedroom light, and now it happens when I switch the pantry light. So it’s something weird in the Fibaro, apparently it’s picking up status change info on the zwave network and acting on it.

Anyone out there with similar experiences, or a fix?