fibaro fgr 221 parameters and length of impuls sent

I cannot find any info on what to chose for DATA SIZE when setting the parameters in DEVICE OPTIONS.

Also, I would need the FIBARO FGR 221 shutter control to send one 5+ sec long command to the motor switch. Is there a way to configure this?

I haven’t tried configuring the FGR221, but on the other Fibaro modules a data size of 1 byte works.

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Thanks - that is working!

Problem I have now is that the FGR 221 doesn’t control my shutters as expected. To get them to open or close completely the shutters need a long press, approximately 5 seconds. By playing with the parameters I have found out that setting parameters 10 > 1 and 14 > 0 will close and 10 > 0 and 14 > 2 will open the shutters. This means I have to change the parameters each time for all 3 Fibaros installed.

I guess there must be a better way to get this to work - can anyone help?

Also, can I connect all 3 shutters to one Fibaro instead of 3 separate ones?

parameter 10 is to select the reporting function, parameter 14 to select the type of wall switch you have; I am not sure I understand what you are trying to achieve with your shutters.
One sure thing: you should not wire 3 motors to one motor controller unless you use isolation relays for each motor or a 3 motor group relay. In that case, make sure each motor does not draw more than 1.4A (4.3A max rating on the FGR221)

Thanks - did not wire all 3 to one FGR221. Cannot say what happened, as I didn’t change anything, but they are now opening and closing beautifully ;D