fibaro dual (FGS221) split rooms

does anyone have a trick in how i can have a FGS221 (2x1,5kW) apear in 2 Rooms ?

i use a FGS221 on the bathroom, the e2 does switch the outside light

do the e1 supposed to be in the room “Kitchen” where e2 is supposed to be in “Outside”

but moving them leads to all parts to move, or they wont move at all.

any idea ?

doesn’t work… i unticked embedded and put the room # in the child device but it will still put it where the main device is :-/

yeah thats really annoying, have to spend another 40 Bucks just to have them in the right room …

well since i do all the “controlling” myself, i maybe drop all the vera-rooms … then it wont matter.

idea… you could also put them in groups like lightning/receptacles/heating/alarm/etc…

i assume the Vera does “Wrongly” use the Node-id to place things in rooms …
so moving a single device somewhere else will alter the node assignment.

i dont see the logic in that at all …
that should be considered a bug.

Yes that should be considered a bug.

You may file one at and MCV will happily ignore it. :cry:

There is a setting in the device xml file to say weather the device should follow the parent device or not. I am currently mobile, so I don’t know it off the top of my head. You might be able to modify the device file to allow the child devices to move separately.

  • Garrett

Looking at my code for one of my plugins, the flag that allows to have the children be able to go into a different room is set on child creation. See here for details:

So apparently it can not be done for the devices that MCV generates as that is in their code.

  • Garrett

thats great, well in short i have to re-create it then manualy ?

"If embedded is true, the ‘embedded’ flag is set for the device which generally means that the parent and all the children will be displayed as one compound device, or group, rather than as separate devices which you can put in their own rooms. "

so… no it won’t work as i allready said… :slight_smile:
untick embedded ain’t gonna do it.

Like I said, this has to be done on child creation. Which we do not have control of on Zwave devices.

  • Garrett

its a z-wave device… fibaro FGS221.

garrettwp meant they beeing created while the include process by mios.

not much you can do, its just the rooms are handled by nodes instead of id’s
this may have some “sense” since sme devices do carry hidden devices (FGS221 as example creates 3 devices)
sorting them by node keeps them together … (well thats the only logic i can find so far) :wink:

wouldn’t know but the thing aint work so unless some drastic changes in the UI itself is gonna happen its a no go :frowning: