Fibaro door/window sensor, simple question

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tried to search on some fibaro topics about this question, but maybe cause i didnt understand well, i was not able to find nothing.

Can i use this sensor to just track if the windows is open or closed?
I mean, while the door is closed sensor not tripped and green man showing. when the window is open, would like the red man showing till the window not closed again. Is this possible?

Thank you, and sorry if this question as already made.

Yes you can.
Yes it is possible.

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but it will work as i need by default or have to change some sensor parameters? (like monostable/bistable/normal close etc…)?

You do not have to change any settings, it works like that after you’ve included it

When the door/window is open, the red man shows, when its closed its green. You can also arm or bypass the sensor, and have notifications if the sensor is tripped, depending on if its armed or not. All out of the box without needing to change any settings. If you want notifications you have to go into the device settings after the inclusions on the notifications tab, you can set them up theer. Or you can use PLEG for creating logic depending on your window or door state.

that’s very good.

I’m already using PLEG for front door scene, when trigged turn on the front door light etc… but there i’0m using a philio 4-1 sensor(knowing that magnetic and PIR working togheter) and when i open the door the man become red as expected but if i keep the door opened , the man after some second turn green. That’s the reason of my question about the fibaro sensor because in the philio i have excluded the pir sensor on the door and maybe that make this unwanted behaviour of the sensor.
Will try with this fibaro anyway, thank you.

I use the Fibaros for doors and windows, I have 5 of them, they all stay red as long as the contact (door or window) are open, and only goes green when it is closed

Perfect, with your last post i think this discussion is now resolved.
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