Fibaro Door/Window Sensor 2 (FGDW-002) Vera compatibility

[quote=“Bobhaskils, post:17, topic:196615”]Did not work for me. The icon was fixed to a door/ window one but it could not have communicated with the sensor with a permanent
“Waiting for wakeup to configure device…”[/quote]

Same for me…
Would really like to get support for this device!



I managed to get everything working except being able to arm the device. I followed the steps provided in previous comment but with the addition of manually waking the device by repeatedly (x10 fast) clicking the TMP button(see manual).

Anyone have any ideas on what could be causing the problem where I cannot arm the sensor?

EDIT: I think I managed to get it working by removing a space character that snuck in behind "D_DoorSensor1.xml "
Watch out for that!


It seems there is a lot of problems with the inclusion of Fibaro devices.
!. The button
2, Keyfob
3. Door/Window
4. New Thermostat
At first: Difficult to configure. Secund : Lack of functionallity
It take ages for vera to do someting about it. Too long to solve the problems.
Is it because Fibaro is a competitor or are they too busy with other problems.
Fibaro makes great devices and it is not a small company, too bad vera is reluctant to integrate them.

We have a “play nice” list in the forum. How about a “need support” list.

With the above help (thank you everyone) I have managed to make the Fibaro sensor connect and work, I cant however seem to make it appear as a sensor for home and away modes to instigate it in an alarm mode.

Am I missing something simple…Probably ::slight_smile:

Thanks all

Thank you @AlijzMustafa for the solution.

@andjun: What did you change the category and the subcategoty to?
Right now I have the default values (category_num: 11 and subcategory_num: 0)

Try category 4 subcategory 1.
Link to full list of categories:

Wow, known issue since June of 17, no support. This truly sucks. Its * like this and the never ending sporadic delays that make me hate this system. After ordering the sensor, waiting for delivery, now I’m looking at paying return shipping and possible restock fees. WEAK!!!

Just gopt 2 of these devices…

what a nightmare!

One included fine and the parameters are changed. Temperature is there as well.
BUT , the sensor does not update… the magnet next top the sensor or not … there is no update , unless I press the tamper switch.

Anyone has a solution?


Shawn, we truly appreciate all kinds of feedback. There are other threads on this device as well where we mentioned that this device will be added in the 7.26 fw update (next). Adding compatibility for a certain device is NOT one man job, and certainly, it does not stand ONLY in Vera’s hands. It’s a business decision which involves at least two parties communicating for the unique goal of having the final user happy. We are communicating very well with Fibaro and as soon as we had the samples and support for integration we added it.

[quote=“kwieto, post:26, topic:196615”]Try category 4 subcategory 1.
Link to full list of categories:[/quote]

THANKS! This helped me as the final puzzle to get this into House modes, XELLENT! :slight_smile:

Hey guys,

Fibaro Door/Window Sensor 2 (FGDW-002) will be part of the upcoming firmware 7.26

@Sorin: when will if finally come this next firmware ??