Fibaro door sensor stopped working after battery change

I have a few Fibaro door sensors in the house, all working fine. One of them was running low on battery, so I replaced the battery with a new one. But since I’ve done it it is not flashing blue when I open/close the door. I took the battery out a few times, pressed the button inside, but cannot get it to work. I get a constant blue light when I open the sensor. Do I have to take it off and reinclude it ? That would be rather annoying as it is in a few PLEG conditions which I would have to redo, and they are a bit of a pain to include I find…

I had some similar problems when I installed my second fibaro door sensor and after a few tries I figured I must be activating the “reset sequences” of the door sensor when I install it after doing the including. So I decided to do the including with the sensor already installed and everything worked fine after this.

My point is that there is a chance that you accidentally reset your door sensor while changing the battery, and if you did I guess your only option is to exclude include again.

From fibaro door sensor manual

There is one way to reset the Fibaro Door/Window Sensor. The procedure cleans its EPROM memory, including the main controller and Z-Wave network data.

To reset the Fibaro Door/Window Sensor please follow below instructions:

  1. Take off the Sensor’s cover and remove battery. Make sure the
    TMP button is intact.
  2. Touch the Sensor’s body with a magnet,
  3. Insert the battery,
  4. Remove the magnet from the Sensor’s body,
  5. Remove the battery
  6. Re-install the battery,
  7. Reset will be confirmed by double LED blink

I had the same thing happen recently. Only solution I found was to exclude and start again.