fibaro dimmer

Hello everyone,
I just installed two new fibaro dimmer, version 2.51. I can not understand why vera now continues to poll them every 60 seconds. It makes my system very slow, is it possible to stop vera to poll my fibaro dimmer. The old fibaro dimmer I have installed does not making vera to poll them, i have 5 of them and they are function perfect. I have tried to put the poll frekvens to 0 but it doesn’t help. Hope that someone can help me.

By default Vera polls most/all switches every 60 seconds and it is not a performance issue.

You can change the frequency on a specific device by setting a maximum frequency on the device’s Settings tab: Poll this node at most once every. Setting this to 0 should prevent any polling of this device, which is what I believe you said you tried.

Did you click Save after changing the setting? Did you refresh your browser to make sure you are looking at the true settings?

The Vera acts like i have did an manual poll to the device. so that on the dashboard screen i se down under the device that i turns blue than green. It overrules any of my other manual commands.
Is it not possible to change that behavior, so that the fibaro dimmer acts like the old figaro dimmer with the older firmware…?

What you describe is not normal behavior.

I would recommend that you exclude the dimmer and then include it back into the network. This will reset everything relating to this dimmer and will hopefully resolve your issue.