Fibaro Dimmer & Monentary Switch - lights not turning off

Hi everyone

I know this has been discussed a few times on the forum, but I just can’t solve it in my case.

I have a Fibaro dimmer connected up to a momentary light switch. One press brings the light up to 100%. Another press almost turns it off - but leaves it at about 10%.

Also - I am unable to set the brightness anywhere in-between the 100% and 10%.

The only way I can turn it off completely is to use the Vera dashboard or my Homewave app.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

I have set parameter 14 to ‘0’ - but I understand this is the default and I have wired it up as per the attached image (with the O and the N bridged and both going to the light).

Many thanks

Is the switch a 1 position momentary button, or a 3 position momentary paddle?
Are you pressing and holding the switch to dim it?
Have a look at this Vesternet tutorial.

Hi Z waver!

Cheers for your message

It’s one of these: SCHNEIDER - 6A RETRACTIVE SWITCH PUSH SWITCH 1 GANG 2WAY 6AMP (pic attached)

Its one position. I press it and it springs back into position.

When I hold it dims down but the level never stays where I leave it


Yours is referred to as a momentary switch. It is NOT a 3 position momentary switch.

Your switch should work correctly as you describe it’s configuration. You may wish to exclude the dimmer and then re-include it. This resets all settings and parameters to factory defaults.

If it still doesn’t work, you may have a bad dimmer.

Ok. I have just tested the switch with a circuit tester … and it turns out the switch is a ‘normally closed switch’ . Pressing the switch only momentarily breaks the circuit.

Does the behaviour tie in with that?


There’s your problem. The Fibaro expects a normally open switch. I don;t think that there is a configuration parameter to change this, but I could be wrong.

Double check your switch. Some times these types of switches have a normally open(L1) and a normally closed contact(L2). If not, get a new switch.

Yep - spot on

I reversed the switch so that it is now normally open - and all is working fine.

Hope this helps anyone having the same prob!