Fibaro dimmer FGD-212 with Saturn Clipsal blue LED

I’ve been having an ongoing issue whereby Fibaro relays, when used in conjunction with Saturn Clipsal wall switches with in-built blue LED backlight, have had a number of compatibility issues.

I have recently installed a couple of Fibaro relays (double FGS-223 and FDG-212 dimmer, see schematic attached) in a junction box in a roof space where the associated wall plate switches do not have neutral wires to them (and no way to chase any down the wall). With the Saturn backlights on, the Vera still works effectively to activate the lights through the z-wave system, however the wall switches don’t work at all. So the only solution has been to disconnect the blue backlights off at the wiring on the back of the wall plate and after doing so, the manual switches work. This is annoying but I can live with it. I?d actually prefer the backlights are ‘constant on’ but again, because of what is likely a leaking voltage through to the Fibaro relay, it means the wall switch doesn’t work.

The ability to disconnect the blue LED button backlight is not possible however on the momentary Saturn dimmer buttons (the module is integrated). Even finding a way to run a neutral here won’t seem to solve this because of this module integration (there’s no neutral connection from it, see attached). The only answer would seem to get a type of wall plate with separate switch and separate dimmer, but I’m just not convinced I’d have to resort to that. SURELY there is a way of getting a Fibaro FGD-212 dimmer module working with a Saturn momentary dimmer button with integrated blue backlight (which is MADE for dimming)! These are off-the-shelf products and are often mentioned as compatible.

If anyone has seen or knows of a solution I’d be much obliged. The only thing I can think that is happening here is that due to the lack of a neutral, the Fibaro FGD-212 doesn’t detect a change of state and so won’t switch. In saying that, could there any way to change the “tolerance” of the Fibaro (one of the parameters?) such that, say, anything under 200V is regarded as zero, so that when 240V passes through, this will trigger a change of state? Without the neutral, the Saturn wall plate LED leak-through obviously takes it above the current tolerance and so a change of state isn’t detected when the button is pressed.

Any ideas would be much appreciated.

Bumping out of interest

Still haven’t had a response this question. Surprising really. Didn’t think I was asking such a complex question. These Clipsal switches are standard off-the-shelf components and should really work with Vera.

I think your problem is that you are attempting to use a dimmer to control a dimmer.
If I read the product description correctly, it states it is a integral component rather than a discrete switch such as the following switches. I might be mistaken, but that is the way I read your problem.





or if you just want a single action (push button) the you could use any of the TEM SM11 series, I’ve never attempted to add a LED to this combination with a dimmer only as an ON/Off fro appliances but it should be possible, the advantage is that you have a range of LED colours that you can use.

You can LED back Illumination by simply adding a LED at any time.


It doesn’t solve the problem you have but it does give you an back lit switch in up to date European design.

I have the exact same issue with Clipsal momentary bell switch.

What I have realised is that you cant have the LED across switch terminals. The Fibaro module is seeing this as switch on.

I now at least have it working but the behaviour seems a little strange.

1 press turns lights on
1 press hold brightens
2 press hold dims
2 press by itself returns lights to dimmest settings.
3 presses turns off the lights.

The fibaro parameter 20 is set to 0 - momentary.