Fibaro Dimmer (211) and Associations to Fibaro Wall plug not working

I have tried to create an association in vera on the S2 switch of my fibaro dimmer (original model) where it controls a fibaro wall plug but doesn’t seem to be working. It works fine to control and older TKB wall plug and another fibaro dimmer module.

I have looked in the manual and cant see anything obvious but I’m assuming its potentially due to the newer wall plug being z-wave plus and the old dimmer not so.

anyone got any ideas?


It could be that. I had a similar situation, I had a Neo CoolCam Motion Sensor that wasn’t Z-Wave Plus and a Fibaro Dimmer 2 wall switch and I couldn’t get them associated. Think it was related to S2 Security.

I had to replace the Neo CoolCam motion sensor for a Fibaro one, then I was eventually able to get them associated.

Also I’ve had issues sometimes even getting the associations to work on the Vera Plus. There is a way to do it via a LUA command instead of using Device Options in the GUI.