fibaro dimmer 2 FGD212 S2 scene control with PLEG solution

For al long time is did not manage to use the fibaro dimmer 2 S2 button to toggle the state of an other device.
Scenes did not fire at all, fired twice or even if i pushed the S1 switch.

My setup:
fgd212 scene function activated
S1 connected to a momentary switch to dimm a light bulb connected to the dimmer
S2 connected to a momentary switch to fire scenes via single and double click (toggle the state of two different wall plugs)

Now i found a solution which works perfect for me. :slight_smile: Most solutions on this forum make use of sl_SeneActivated I did not fully understand why because this device parameter never seemed to change. I tied a different route see attachment
I hope it helps someone.

Got the same issue as you used to have, when I press S1 to turn on the lamp that has the load on the dimmer my window lights toggle (S2)
Tried your sollution but I have the same issue. When I click S1 it toggles the state of S2.
Can you see if I did something wrong?

Try to remove _ LastSceneId in your 2nd condition on both places.

Works great!!