Fibaro Debuts New Intercom Doorbell System With 180-Degree 4K Camera

Looks nice :slight_smile: looking forward to see the specs, details etc.
Hopefully it can also be used with Vera’s.

It sounds like he said it was a Wifi device, not a z-wave device during the video. But that doesn’t surprise me, since that is going to be a better protocol for 4k video.

Seems like it is going to be quite expensive. This article mentions 500$ as a price tag → CEDIA Expo: Gesture Control, Wi-Fi Door Locks & Doorbells Arrive From Fibaro, LockState, White Rabbit

$500 is much, but if you compare the functionality with other doorbell/intercom solutions then its around the same. Doorbird (with the nice finish) for example. Ring is cheaper but not the same options and closed API.

Yeah true, but as its coming from Fibaro it would be nice to atleast have a ZWave sensor and/or contact embedded so it can be reused in scenes. But if it has an open API then some app could also do this.