Fibaro Button Support

Purchased a Fibaro Button Controller from Home Control. On the specs it said it was supported by Vera among others.

When I received it, it would not include and the Home Control Support said they contained Vera d they were informed it was not supported but would be.

Is there any ETA on this? I have several other Fibaro products and they all work correctly on my Veralite.

See this thread for work arround until it I see fully supported,39119.msg305223.html#msg305223

Once included you can change the implementation to “central scene controller” and restart luup.

You should be able to get single click working then.

I find it hit and miss still though, first click seems to wake the button, second does the action. But sometimes it works every time first time lol

No eta for compatibility.

I am having a problem just getting the button included.

Here is what occurred originally:

  1. Powered up the button put my Veralite into include mode and keyed the button
  2. The button showed up and I included it and it showed up as a device
  3. Then ‘Secured’ errors started to appear and it said exclude and re-include again.
  4. I exclude the button, that worked but since then I cannot include the button.

Done numerous reboots and restarts of the Veralite in between, no go.

Any idea why the Veralite is now ignoring the button?