Fibaro 2 Way (2 wire) ...


So my sparky and me had a go at the 2 way lighting setup using the vesternet pics. The first comment my spark made was common would normally be brown not black but he wired as he thought the picture showed. We could not get th 2nd switch to control the light… Now I see there is an option (17) to enable it… I’m assuming it didnt work because of this. I would however appreciate you guys taking a look at my wiring to make sure I’ve got it right :slight_smile:

The third wire is not connected at either socket.



Looks okay for me.
Parameter 17 should be 1.
If you use toggle switches, parameter 14 should 1 as well.

Thank you. So i definitely don’t need to connect the third (brown) wire to the second switch? The diagram on inidicates I don’t however the fibarom diagram says I don’t.


Not sure for what the second brown wire will be, it could simply be the Live-connection to a socket-outlet. Did your 2-wire connection work als it should be?

It is normal to have all three terminals connected in a 2 way light switch. I don’t have an easy way yet to test as the house is not quite finished. I’ve attached a picture of how the 3 wires are attached to the second switch.

The connection of a 2-way lighting system is well known. In the upper photo I can see one brown wire which is not connected to anything. If this wire was connected to the switch before you installed the Fibaro, then is it no longer needed as long the Fibaro is installed (can’t see this brown wire in your lower photo, but believe it is there).

Hi. Thanks for the help. I took my router and Vera up to the house and tested… You are right of course it works fine without the extra brown wire!