FGS-211 switch status NOT device status!

Hey guys, i’ve read a few posts that have a similar topic but non (that I’ve found) directly answer the question (although I feel I know what the answer will be).

Is there a way to detect the status of a Fibaro switch input? I know I can use PLEG to check the status of the device whether it be turned on by the switch or by Vera but I want to know when the actual switch has been pressed to trigger a PLEG condition



perhaps I’m asking the wrong question and therefore in the wrong forum!

I am using PLEG to control the boiler via a schedule and a trigger. The trigger which is currently a Virtual Switch provides a + 1 hour function. I would like to use the momentary switch connected to the FGS-211 s1 (s2 is used for a different zone) to provide a physical means of turning on the +1 hour. Because the only option I see in PLEG is to test for a device being turned on/off when the schedule turns the hot water on, it also triggers the +1 hour.

I think I’ve just answered my own question! I need to add a condition into my +1 hour to test whether the schedule has turned on the hot water, if not it must be a manual request therefore start the +1 hour timer.