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After using the app for awhile, I find that turning on and off dimmers is a two step task. Any way to put an on/off toggle on the button? When I just want the light off I don’t need to see the dimmer.


Hi Roger,

This is a good question that has been asked before. To summarize, would it be possible to make the dimmers work like the binary lights, where you can click it and it turns on/off without going to another page to click something again. Right? I’ve been thinking about it for a bit and came up with some ideas. The goal of my app was to always keep the front display pretty much clutter free with just status info and if you needed to interact with devices that had more than one possible action, you needed to be directed to a new page which dynamically loads all the services available for the device. Hence, the reason it happens with dimmers. Below are a few approaches i’ve considered

[ul][li]Have an app setting or possibly device level settings to change behavior of dimmers to act like switches, but then you lose the ability to change dimmers since click now does on/off instead of going to the device page[/li]
[li]Have on/off option on the context menu. You still have two steps but your not bouncing to another page[/li]
[li]Have context menu display when clicking and have multiple options like: goto device or some other default behavior. As before there are still multiple clicks, but you don’t leave the page[/li]
[li]Utilize a scene to create the specific behavior you want[/li]
[li]Possible attach some kind of action to the device image. Not sure exactly if or how that would work but in theory it would keep the UI looking the same with no clutter. How you attach an action is another questions.[/li][/ul]

I guess the real question is it the number of clicks or the fact that you go to another page?

Spencer :slight_smile:

I am not a developer so I don’t know what is possible. But looking at the current UI (on Windows Phone), I see that the bulb is lit when the device is on and unlit when it is off. Is it possible to make the bulb a toggle for the dimmer switch. Put a seperater line between it and the text. I think that would be an easy UI to understand. You want it on or off click the bulb, want to dim it click the right side and pull up the rest of the menu. Snap Switch has it implimented somewhat that way. If you just click on the percentage it goes on and off. Click on the left side and you get the dimmer menu.


I actually downloaded that app the other day and never noticed you could click those. Looks like it also limits the actions to simple on/off type scenarios for devices that support that. I’ll dig in a little more and see what i can come up with

Actually it was extremely easy to implement. Basically i’m going to let the icon be clickable. If there is a quick action assigned to it it will fire that, otherwise it will just do the default behavior. For the time being i’ll probably setup some static quick actions for only a few things like binary lights, dimmable lights, locks, etc… I figure at some point in the future i’ll build UI for assigning the quick action directly for each device or possibly a device type. Thanks for the suggestion.

This might help you figure out how to assign a scene to one of the buttons on the camera page. :smiley:

Can you add the following:

  • Make the Virtual Switch show as a Switch (it has an unknown icon)

  • Add status text for the current Z-Wave icon

  • Add on/off for Russound Zone (currently only mute possible)

Some other feature requests on Grasshopper:

Thanks for the suggestions AgileHumor, i’ll see what i can do.

Next Update

  • Virtual Switch updated to have an icon and act like binary light
  • Added net status text to to the ZWaveNetwork device
  • Support for Day or Night device
  • Support for Power Arithmetic device

As for the russound auto zone switch. It actually is implemented but its probably not displaying because the device does not contain the SwitchPower service variables. I need those to load status (on / off) info so the switch works properly. If i don’t find that service i don’t render the control.

Create a new variable
SERVICE = urn:upnp-org:serviceId:SwitchPower1
VALUE = 1 or 0

It doesn’t exist of the controller, but does exist on the child zone:


Should I create it on the controller?

the controller is just another device. But on the “com:device:RNETZone” device i see the state data for the switch. Isn’t that the one that is not loading? If so, send me your data so i can debug it


It looks as though the RNET plugin is using the wrong serviceId for SwitchPower1. It should be urn:upnp-org:serviceId:SwitchPower1.

Yep thats what it is


Change To

Get updated version 1.4a (not in appstore):

[quote=“garrettwp, post:113, topic:176294”]Here is a modified version of the Russound plugin version 1.4 that fixes issues with the wrong service id’s being used for the On / Off functions and the Volume function.

  • Garrett[/quote]

If others would find it useful, could the “global” no room group as the first group, or allow it as an option? This would mirror what most folks use in the web interface.


The “global” request will probably be a no-go at this time since it would most likely require changing the behavior of the control. That grouping control is doing simple sorting as a string. The simple solution would be to create a room called “~ some text ~” or something to control things that are general purpose. Using “~” should put it at the end so its easier to find. Currently i don’t have plans to do ascending/descending support

No worries, sounds right, thanks for explaining why.