[Feature Request] Variable Container support for value changes & value display

Please expose the ability to change variable values… both in the GUI (when the panel is opened) and also when exposing to Tasker?

Would also be valuable to see variables & values in the panels, without needing to open them.

While trying different methods for create automation of Occupancy & Security, I came across what would be the easiest way - using the Variable Container app. Using Tasker & Authomation to send variable changes, then PLEG grabs these to run scenes/actions. This will simplify the setup greatly.

much appreciated!

It is already on my list to allowing of modifying the variable container via the custom intent and tasker as it was requested by another user. For the UI, that will be up in the air. You can already see the variables and values from the tile without opening the device panel.

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@garrettwp: Let me know if you desire any changes to the Variable Container before implementing it.


I believe everything is in order. I already have the code in place for some time now to allow for writing the values to the variable contianer. I just have not gotten around to implementing the custom intents and the tasker plugin integration.

  • Garrett

Was going to ask for something that sounds close to this request. If I am off base, let me know and will start a new subject…

Would be nice to have an option you could set that would show when a battery operated (or all) devices actually reported in. It would show how many minutes/hours old the info is.
Example: Fortrezz temp devices only wake up every few hours. So is the temperature 5 minutes or 2 hours old?

On the web interface a lot of times I will dig into the advanced panel and calculate the age of a reading off the time stamps.



Long press on the device tile and press exclamation icon to show you the device information. It will show you the time in human readable format in your time zone.

  • Garrett

Wow… can’t wait to try it out on my cell. Thanks for the tip!

I guess I need to read up more on just what your App is capable of doing.

I know my documentation is lacking, but I am more than willing to answer questions and help.

  • Garrett

My biggest problem is I don’t touch the docs until I am fully lost or have broken something badly. :wink:

I am much happier to see that you devote your time to development of the app and some awesome features.
Most times I figure stuff out eventually. And when I get lost, I yell for help. Thanks again for all your work.