FEATURE REQUEST: Streaming URL Camera Support?

Rakstar, would it be possible for you to enable or to create a Streaming URL function/capability for Camera Support within Home Buddy? The Generic Camera Plugin (for example) also uses a streaming URL option, and using the streaming url is the only way that I can view my DVR cams through Vera. Could you possibly add this as a configurable option within the setup of Home Buddy? Call it “Camera Support” or “Camera URL” - and with an option to choose the JPEG URL or the Streaming URL function (the Generic Camera Plugin has the streaming URL function) for cameras detected by Home Buddy polled through Vera/MiOS? Just as an example. Any help, feedback, or assistance would be awesome and extremely appreciated!!! thank you so much!!



Sorry for the delay, been extremely busy lately.

MCV has given me the spec for this, I just need to find time to implement this. This is definitely on my list as I would like this feature for myself as well :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s okay, man. I understand, thank you for the response. Look forward to it. :slight_smile: