Feature request - set device type

Howdy, I’m super impressed with AtlHue but I’d love the ability to configure device types for 3rd party devices. Eg I have some plug sockets that I’d like to specify as switches instead of lights. I use some of them for power cycling equipment remotely and I’d like them to show in Vera and Alexa as switch/plug devices.

Especially in Alexa it’s pain as if someone in the house says “Alexa, turn off all lights”, it turns off these smart switches too.

Does this help at all?


Not sure if you can change the category type in a AltHue device.


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Yeah I tried that but the AltHue plugin resets it back to whatever it got from the hue service.

Ahhh. Uncool


Indeed, even after I added in a previously not included sub category and it reverted it on the next luup reload.