Feature request - PIN codes & image scaling

Two feature requests, in red in the attached mock-ups:

  1. For locks/doors, if “PIN” is selected, show an option that allows the user to select “only for unlock.” What this means is, the user wouldn’t have to enter a PIN to lock the door, only to unlock it.

  2. For icons, I’ve noticed that the “preset” sizing isn’t always appropriate. They’re nice to have, but rather than “small,” I’d like to see a scaling feature to allow for fine-tuning of the image size, from 0% (which would be… what… 50x50, maybe?) to 100% (full size). This is easy for me to say, of course… :slight_smile:

The PIN change makes a lot of sense, I’ll add it in the next version

The image scale feature is a bit harder, I’ll revisit this when doing the GUI revamp