[Feature request] Move streaming to the first tab of th device

Now that most IP cams support (mjpeg) streaming and the Vera IP cam plugins support this too, im wondering.

Why is the first feed still the snapshot jpg.
Wouldnt most users prefer to see the stream if available?

Currently switching to the stream is burried in the tabs and setting of the device.
Id like to see a feature that when the device is openend shows the stream if available.

If this is too dificult, please change the layout of the plugin so that users can switch between snapshot and stream by clicking an easy to find button.

All users that second this request, pleast post it here.

  • Henk

definately makes sense

another nod in support of this suggestion…

+1 vote. But I would like to have a option to show the camera view (with option to have several cameras) as soon as I sign in to the Vera2.

How can I set up my Foscam to manage and streaming and not the snapshot?

thank you!!!