Feature Request, Maybe?

Is it possible/(or maybe not too hard) to add a flag or parameter to openLuup_install.lua so it does not start the server?

Here’s the thing. When I build my openLuup image which is destined to run on a 20cm tall Kubernetes cluster, I actually don’t want the server to start after installing the server. There is a pid 0 init replacement process that starts and monitors the service (and service[s]) over time. When both the install and the service go at it things get nasty. Well, not really nasty but it doesn’t work so well.

Upon first (and every) boot of the image a ‘runonce’ script checks ‘/etc/cmh-ludl’ (an external volume hosted on NAS) for a valid installation. If it’s not there, runonce does a few things including running openLuup_install.lua

My story is running long. What I do when building the image is delete the last few lines of openLuup_install.lua so the server won’t start. Given that software changes over time, it’s likely my sed delete line instructions will break. But if there was a flag or parameter like --please-dont-start-server :frowning: (or similar), it never will.

In return I’m happy to share my Docker build and Kubernetes deployment yaml, if interested. :slight_smile:

These are works in progress. :wink: --dk

I’m missing something…

…why don’t you just use your modified install file?