Feature Request - externalize backup call

Hi @rigpapa, would you be ok adding the backup function to the list of actions for reactor? I’d love to have a reactor that backs up all my reactors periodically or even have a scheduled backup on the main reactor app. I had an issue recently when creating a bulk set of reactors that somehow one of my existing reactors got overwritten. the only backup i had was before i created a whole mess of logic, so it set me way back. I figured if i had some automated backups, i could have recovered a bit better.

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Neat suggestion! Y’know what would be cool on top of that? If Reactor could SEND you its own backup files via SMTP (thus side-stepping any potential storage capacity issues on the controller, or loss/damage to the controller itself).

You can script a backup today by requesting this URL:


If the backup succeeds, you’ll get a JSON response:

{ "status": true, "message": "Done!", "file": "backup filename" }

If you get a non-JSON response, your Vera may not be ready (reloading, etc.), and if you get status=false, look at message.

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SiteSensor to the rescue!

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Actually, Reactor 3.6, which I’m putting up tomorrow, has a new HTTP Request action. You could create a recurring date/time condition to trigger that and backup daily, weekly, etc.