Feature request: disable rotation of screen etc

First, Homewave is a fantastic app, great job… The most important thing for me has been to make the system WAF friendly (wife acceptance factor), thus minimizing what need to be on the screen.

One feature i do miss is the possibility of disabling rotation. When i turn my phone, its all gibberish.

I also use my phone as remote control for the TV, which means it stays lit for hours… What i then miss is an time indicator on the top of the screen. Most other apps show the iphone toolbar on top, but not homewave…

Text size control, and implementation of dataminer graphs would also be perfect.

Again, the app works great… And it really gave me full control at home…
Attached screenshots of my homewave… In norwegian but you get the point;-)

Nice screenshot!
How did you get homewave to control your AppeTV?
Do each of these buttons run a scene which sends IR commands?

For my PVR, I use a scene for each button with the pronto IR code.

For the AppleTV, I found the codes using Vera integrated IR set up agent. Then created a scene for each button.

It actually is very responsive, and so far Homewave has proved a fantastic remote.

Request added the the list. I might just be able to shoehorn this into the upcoming release.

If you are on that, there is a tiny bug in screen orientation handling,
Its reversed if turn up-side-down :wink:

Well nothing serious.