Feature Request: Click from Alerts to Device

When using luup code to send a Push Notification, it is possible to add the AlertedDeviceId.

This will result in the device icon to appear in the list of Alerts.

It would be nice if you allow CLICKING the alert on the VeraMate App and be redirected to that specific device.

Possible scenarios:

  • I am alerted that the air condition was turned on / off and I would like to control it.
  • I was alerted that a specific (virtual) switch was toggled and I would like to change its status.


Thanks for the feedback. To be honest, that was one of the reasons for allowing the device to be specified and is still on the dev list. :slight_smile:

It’s had to wait for, and I am currently doing, a fairly considerable redesign of the way the main screen UI is configured, to allow a lot more control of the layout. This will give me the ability to reuse the same code and be able to show device control from the alerts screen.

These changes will be going in across the next couple of versions…

FYI, Alerts themselves have a bit on the dev list, including being able to change state directly from the push notification, and different sounds (which has been a much requested item).