Fanlinc not controlling fan speed

Hi everyone,

I’m having trouble with the Fanlinc controlling my new Hampton Bay Sussex II ceiling fan. I’ve got the fan installed with the Fanlinc. Pressing the LIGHT button on the Fanlinc toggles the light no problem. However, when i press the FAN button on the Fanlinc, nothing happens. At first, I thought it was because the fan was newly installed and was never set to “high” speed before wiring in the Fanlinc. So then I uninstalled the Fanlinc, installed the wireless receiver for the fan, set it to High, and turned off the circuit breaker. I then re-installed the Fanlinc again and pressed the FAN button. Nothing happened. Cycling through all the speeds never got the blades to spin.

Did I get unlucky while choosing a fan that doesn’t work with Fanlinc? This fan does not have pull chains and is controlled purely by the remote. Does this configuration not work with the Fanlinc? Does anyone have any suggestions on things I should try?


Figured it out - I thought you could tap the buttons on the Fanlinc to get the fan to turn on and off. Not the case. I now have the Fanlinc controlled by Altsteon and it’s working. :slight_smile: