Fan shows as light

I looked at both of these threads and they do not help.
Light bulb should be a fan
Fan Control Shows Up as light

Does anyone have instruction on changing the device advanced settings to have it reflect as a fan?
There should be a change to

  • device_file
  • category
  • subcategory
  • device_json
  • maybe others


Why? What is the actual problem you’re trying to solve?

The second thread you referred to was one that I started. The problem I had was in reference to using the All Lights Off button in the app and genuinely had nothing to do with whether the fan was displayed as a fan or not.

At the end of the day, my actual issue had no solution because of how the devices are coded combined with what “Vera” believes should be considered a light.

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I have a fan connected to the switch. It is not a light. It shows as a light in the UI, but should show as a fan.
As far as control, if I use the all lights off, I do not want the fan impacted.
If anyone knows how to modify the settings to represent this device as controlling a fan, please let me know.

another link that does not promise a simple solution to something that should be considered basic in the world of automation:

Device Type

For most of these threads, the links to pages discussing json files do not seem to be working.


When I had put my original post up, I was thinking about how to keep the fan on when I switched off all the lights in the app. Turns out, I almost never use the app - almost everything ended up being controlled by scenes and voice. Have you determined that using the app is going to be a regularity and that you want that specific button to be used? Way simpler to create a voice routine that triggers a scene, and that scene specifically does what you want.

I am sure I can create a work around and leave the fan showing as a light. I don’t use the all-lights-on/off feature much if at all.
I have another automation system where it is easy to define load type and icon. This should be easy in Vera. If it is not, then this is a bad mark for Vera/Ezlo. It is a fundamental and basic need.
Given the lack of response to this request and the ones linked, it looks like this is the case.

Unfortunately, unless you want to edit the json files, it isn’t easy to get devices types changed while still allowing them to function correctly.

Hi @Edward_h ,

We would like to inform you that unfortunately among the Luup device categories in our system, the “fan” type is not available, which is why it is not possible to change it in the Vera interface.

Let us know if we can be of further assistance.

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