False Alarm? Kind of freaked out.

Hello all,

New to z-wave and vera devices. I have had a Yale Z-wave door lock for about 5-6 months now and have triggers set up to alert me when the door is locked or unlocked.

My router has been on the fritz lately and sometimes I will only receive a “door unlocked” or “door locked” alert rather than both as you would expect.

Today while at work, I got an alert that the door has been locked (never got one for it being unlocked). I thought that it might be the router screwing up and was previously holding back a connection to the internet for my vera 3 from an old alert but after getting home today I logged into my vera 3 and saw that the alert was triggered at the same time I received it.

My question for you guys is, is it possible this thing is triggering a false alarm/alert? I am kind of freaked out since there should absolutely not be anyone in our house and am worried that it might be something beyond just a malfunction.

Let me know your experiences please!

Don’t freak out. This sometimes happens.

Vera keeps its current state in RAM, and writes it out every so often to nonvolatile memory. If there’s a crash and Vera has to restart, it reads its state from the nonvolatile memory, which could be out of date. The next time it polls your lock it discovers that its state is different to what was in the nonvolatile memory, and assumes that a change just happened. So you get notified again.

Thank you for the reply!