"Failed to save system configuration" every time I exit VeraAlerts

I upgraded my vera light from UI 5 to UI 7 and had several problems so i reset to factory defaults. starting from scratch

  1. reset factory defaults. Running the latest version 1.7.902
  2. installed vera alerts (Version:7.15). setup new profile. added my old registration key and a new one I bought. sent test alert. everything working.
  3. added 1 device. assigned it to a room. turned on notifications for the device
  4. opened vera alerts and verified the notifcations i created for the device are present in the “message override” tab
  5. triggered the device and verified an alert appears in the vera dashboard.

I don’t get any alerts in veraalerts app on my phone. every time i exit vera alerts I get the error message “Failed to save system configuration”. changes i make to message override tab usually don’t stick. if I try the change several times it will save. but I still don’t get alerts.

I’ll email my log files to your RTS-Services email account

thanks in advance

See thread:


Version:7.21 of VeraAlerts fixed all my problems. Thanks Richard!!!

The only sure way to fix this is to delete ALL scenes and ALL notifications and recreate them.

If you email me your used_data.json file I could tell you what minimally you need to correct the problem.