fail connecting to vera

try here too


installed conciergeserver on a rpi running raspbian lite, no problem with installing or linking the vera to conciergeserver.
But when i trying Connectivity i get the error:
connected to vera but secured connection returned – no handler.
when i click on custom settings i see all my switches and sensor that is connected to my vera plus

i have no firewall installet on the rpi so i dont understand why i cant connect to my vera.

anyone have any suggestion?

Same problem. Installed Vera Concierge on the network storage device QNAP. Ports 8989 and 8998 are forwarded. I can go to the Vera Concierge page not only on the local network. But on the page of My Vera Concierge Account in the list of Associated Vera Controllers there is no my device Vera. But when i click on custom settings i see all my switches.

Same problem, I have 3 Vera’s one I use one I replaced and one as a backup. I can see conductivity on 2 of the 3, the one I use well that is the one with No handler. Any help would be great.

i have done a factory reset on my vera plus and then i get connection to my vera without problem. but when i make a restore of the vera plus i lost the connectivity again, so its something in the vera thats make the problem.

So we are missing a files or we have one that is corrupt ? How do we find the one we need or need to replace?

Anyone find a solution?

i am having the same problem i to am running on a PI and have had it working for over 6M, it stooped late last year
and i have only just looked at it

steps taken so far are

1 have checked network both devices are on the same switch

2 have replaced the config file on the vera

3 have also tried to set up on a windows pc and have the same problem

I got it working I contacted vera and they ssh in

Do you know what Vera support did. I’d prefer to not to have to reset my vera to factory defaults.