Factory reset Ezlo Atom and can't get access point mode back

Hello! I setup a new Atom via the app on iPhone and it seemed to connect up to my wifi but the app errored out (sorry, didn’t screenshot it) and didn’t ever show the Atom as added. I did a factory reset (held reset button for 10+ seconds) and now the atom is just at a solid blue light with no access point broadcasting and it doesn’t appear to be connected to my wifi anymore. getvera.com doesn’t show the Atom either. Any ideas on how to get this thing working?

Hello @jl8813
We can try to restore your Atom to a normal state. Please, do the following steps:
1 Hold reset button on unplugged Atom
2 Power up Atom while holding the reset button and wait 5-6 seconds (keep holding the reset button).
3 Release reset button and wait until Atom restores into normal mode.
4 Go through the process of adding Atom into your account.
If you see some errors again, please make a screenshot and post it here with the serial number of your hub.

Hi Max! Appreciate the response! I followed your instructions multiple times but see no reaction on Atom (LED stays lit after powering it back on and holding the button down for varying times (including 5-6seconds)). I’ve let it sit after following the procedure as well and no change as far as LED behavior, still solid blue.

Edit: So I might be making progress now. I left it unplugged for >10mins and then attempted the reset procedure and it looks like it’s working now. Thanks!

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