EzloPlus and VeraPlus - can they both be linked to the same Alexa account?

Hi all,

wonder if anyone can help, I have both an EzloPlus and a VeraPlus, and would like, if possible, for them both to be linked to the same Alexa account. My Veraplus is my production unit, and EzloPlus is being beta tested. We have a few devices linked to Alexa from the EP, but increasingly finding that the devices, which are linked to the VP need to be utilised.

Is this possible? I’ve not tried it yet, but don’t want to screw anything up on our production system.


Hello @tony-park,
It is completely possible to have an Ezlo and a Vera controller linked to the same Alexa account at the same time. Please note they use different skills:

Having the EzloPlus in beta testing should not have any impact on the linking of the VeraPlus.
Kind regards!

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