Ezlogic Web GUI Default "Dynamic" Dashboard Discussion Thread

I’m starting this thread to discuss the new Ezlogic Web GUI default “Dynamic” Dashboard.

The concept is that out of the box the user will have a default automatically generated dashboard page (pages?) that can be used initially to get the user up and running quickly.

Obviously in addition, Ezlo are also developing the dashboard further, so it can be customised and so you can build your own dashboard pages and device tiles also etc.

If you want to create your own thread on this topic then that’s cool, but I thought maybe one main thread for users to report issues and feature requests might be a good idea.

Also don’t forget you should ideally also be creating ticket requests, on the Ezlo ticketing system here.

This is what I am seeing on my system so far, which is just one single dashboard page with the devices of device types - Dimmers, Switches, Temp Sensors, Contact and Motion Sensors, Smoke & Co Sensors.

Not all of the tiles work or are operational currently. Some tiles do work like Dimmers and Switches however.

If you cannot see your “Dynamic” Dashboard page and its just blank, try switching to another dashboard page if you have one and then switching back to the Dynamic one, I have to do this every time currently to get the dynamic dashboard page to appear.

You may also find you get spammed with popup notification messages on the right hand side, these cannot currently be turned off.

  1. Dimmer Tiles:

This is a Z-Wave Smart Light Bulb (White not RGB) directly paired to my Ezlo Plus controller.

ON State: The tile changes to this pink / orange colour.


If I turn OFF the light using the toggle switch button on the tile, the tile then changes to this and remains like that for quite some time:


Eventually after the laggy long delay the tile does change to the correct OFF State:


Think we need a word wrap on the device name label as a lot of my tiles the name is cut off or over extends past the outside of the tile.

From the OFF State, if I drag the dimmer slider from the left fully to the right hand side for 100% the tile then looks like this. which is incorrect as the round circle you click on and hold to drag on the dimmer slider, jumps back to the 0% position, it should remain in the 100% position.


Again after the laggy long delay has caught up and then the tile does eventually update and place the dimmer slider circle to the correct 100% position.


Also other strange looking graphical stuff can happen like this, when I dragged the slider from 100% to about the middle, the circle has become detached from the slider etc.

In this case I then looked in the Vera mobile app on my phone and at this light and it didn’t appear to have changed the brightness, as in the app it was still showing as 100%. I did wait some time and it didn’t appear to actually dim the light.


In the web GUI I then tried again and moved the slider all the way to 0% and that did turn off the light also in the Vera mobile app.

Slid it back to 100% and then back to about 50% and this time it worked OK and the light did actually change to 50%. So seems a little hit and miss.

Biggest problem seems to be this laggy delay.

This is a Z-Wave RGB bulb paired directly to the Ezlo Plus. As yet we have no colour controls.


  1. Motion & Contact Sensor Tiles:

These don’t appear to be functioning currently they do not change state when I trip either a motion or contact sensor and just remain looking like these:

Contact Sensor - Currently Tripped:


Says “No Motion” these ought to be saying either “Opened” / “Closed” and in bigger text !

Motion Sensor - Currently Tripped:


Says “No Motion”

Smoke and CO Sensors, not currently assigned to the correct type of tile and again just say “No Motion”.

I’d personally like Smoke and CO Sensors to say either “Clear” for not tripped and “Detected” for Tripped.


I’d also like to see a small battery level indicator icon on the tiles for battery operated devices.

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  1. Temperature Sensor Tiles:


These do appear to be working and update quickly in real time it seems. Text is a bit messed up on the tiles however.

For example the one called “Outdoor Temperature” is a temp probe connected to a Qubino DC Flush Shutter module and it updates and changes its temp value constantly all the time and I can see its temp value changing on the Ezlo web GUI tile in real time.

This device is also actually paired to my production Vera Plus controller and added to the Ezlo Plus controller using Rene’s Vera to Ezlo Bridge plugin.

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  1. Switch Tiles:

OFF State:


ON State:


Switch tiles appear to be working OK, there is a bit of a delay after turning on the switch button on the tile to then the tiles background changing blue. Likewise when turning off and the tiles background going back to all white.

If the switch device supports power monitoring? I’d like to see a small KW or Watts value somewhere on the tile.

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  1. Thermostat Tiles:

These are two thermostat devices ported over from my production Vera Plus, in the Vera mobile app they do look and function correctly as Thermostat device when the app is connected to the Ezlo Plus controller, so I don’t think its a problem of the bridge plugin ?

They are clearly not yet assigned to the correct default “Thermostat” tile, as there is a on/off button and dimmer slider.



my page is always blank no matter what i try

There is a fault at the moment, there was a server outage yesterday.

My page is blank also currently, Elzo are aware.

Looks like the Dynamic Dashboard is back again, it is now loading for me once again. However its extremely slow !

Looks like some of the tiles have changed also.

Dimmer Tiles:

All my dimmable lights have lost the dimmer slider on the tiles for some reason they now look like this:


Motion Sensor Tiles:

Motion Sensor tiles now look like this and do appear to now work and trip

No Motion:




Contact Sensor Tiles:

These appear to be broken. I cannot see the names of any of my Door / Window Contact sensors now on these tiles. I assume they are the ones that simply say “Motion Sensor”

Switch Tiles:

These are still working but seems I have to Refresh the entire web page for the tile background colour to change white to blue or blue to white etc.





Thermostat Tiles:

Now look like this, the dimmer slider has been removed. However no buttons for setting the Set Point temperature or any buttons for setting Heat / Cool modes etc.


Switching tabs in the Chrome browser is still a massive issue. If you tab away from the Ezlo dashboard and then tab back to it, I just get a black screen. I have to manually press the Refresh button each time to get it back. Or even close the tab down altogether and open a new tab and go back to the dashboard URL.


All the dimmer sliders have just appeared again, seems to be slowness issues maybe:


Hi, are Lux tiles available?
I don’t see them in dynamic dashboard. Or they are not there by default?

Trying to use Filter in dashboard and the Search button does not work.

Trying also to add zwave parameters to some devices and it does not save: “Failed Connection”.

is it a general problem?

Thanks in advance

I don’t see any tiles with LUX information on them either.

I have previously used the Devices area of the web GUI to set Z-Wave parameters on a particular device, so it has worked OK at some point.

@lord55 , we are working on to provide default tiles for every type of device. We havent lux yet. I will try to bring it forward on the line.

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