EZLogic down?

The website and MiOS app just show “Loadying dynamic dashboard” with a spinning cursor.

I just reloaded the page. Everything’s OK here.

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Hello @chuckf2 ,

Could you please try an incognito tab or a different browser? Or try clearing the cache?

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I cleared my Chrome browser cache and re-logged in but it’s still just spinning. Perhaps it’s my account since the MiOS app is doing the same thing?

Spins when using incognito mode also.

I can interrupt it and see my meshbots. It seems its just the dynamic dashboard that has an issue.

We just replicated your issue. We will take a look at this.
We are about to announce version 1.41.1 and there is a chance the update is related to the temporary issue you are experiencing. I’ll let you know about any updates.

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I see you announced 1.41.1 but I still can’t see the dynamic dashboard. I tried clearing the cache but it didn’t help. Same with the iOS MiOS app.

I think I figured out why my dashboard is empty. All of my devices are gone from the iOS app and ezlogic/settings/devices. Alexa can still control them.

Hello @chuckf2,

Thank you for your response.

We can continue through a support ticket for a more personalized experience, do you agree?

We will be attentive to your response.

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Yes. That sounds good.

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