EZLogic Backups unsupported on EzloPlus or service glitch?

The impetus is, one of my Ezlo Plus controllers won’t boot and come on line so I wanted to check the available backups so I could possibly reset it and restore from a backup however, backups don’t seem to be supported for any of my controllers.

Hopefully the backups are there but due to a EZLogic glitch, I just can’t see them. Please advise.

Hello @blacey ,

I’ve just found some backups of your controllers stored cloud-side. Could be either Ezlogic unable to retrieve the backups or an account-specific issue.

I’ll further investigate and let you know.

Thank you @Alvaro_Ochoa

I have the same issue. Had Ezlo Plus for >1 year and not a single backup showing (on ezlogic.mios.com can’t even see where backups are managed from iOS or Android apps).

Hasn’t been a big issue for me yet as this is more of an experimental controller but it holds me back from converting my Vera Plus to Ezlo.

Do you see any error messages?
Backups are available on Ezlogic only at the moment.
Thanks to @blacey , we got his issue isolated to users/account syncing. I’ll check about your case.

No error message. Just the screen as I included in the post.

I don’t know if:

  1. the backup are happening and I just can’t see them or
  2. the backups aren’t happening at all.

@curiousB Do you have any Meshbots executing during the midnight-morning time frame?
Could you check if there is a chance the controller is rebooting itself during the backup upload time?
I don’t see recent backups but two I created manually yesterday.

Yes. I have a daily meshbot at 4:31AM that reboots Ezlo Plus.

What time is a backup performed? Is it configurable?

I can try switching it (the daily reset meshbot) off for a few days and see if things change.

OK I switched off my daily reboot meshbot and the device did a backup at 5:33AM on its own.

I also notice the time stamp of the back-up is 1 hour off. To confirm this I just did a manual backup at 11:02 AM CT and the backup time stamp shows as 12:02PM. Not sure why that is occurring but I recall someone complaining about DST being an issue in some meshbots. Maybe timestamp ignores DST status?

A few questions:

  1. How is the time to initiate backup determined?
  2. Is it user configurable?
  3. Is it daily at some absolute time?
  4. Is it polled from the servers or locally (Ezlo) initiated?
  5. or is it some duration since last reboot or last backup?
  6. if I change my reboot to, say 2AM, does that mean the backup will be fine?

Some insight here will save a bunch or trial and error trying to sort things out. I can appreciate backups needs some sort of randomization as to not flood the back up servers all at once (from 1000’s of Ezlos) but a little insight on the mechanism would help.

For the meantime I think I’ll change my daily reboot to an every other day reboot and see If I at least get an every other day backup.


I set my daily reboot meshbot for an interval of every two days. I set this yesterday (4/29) so it didn’t run last night (confirmed this as uptime of controller is 20+ hours). So I would have expected a backup last night yet none occurred. I am starting to think a backup is not an absolute time event but rather a count from last reset or last backup? So until 24 hours passes it won’t even try a backup?

Let’s see what happens tonight as the reboot shouldn’t happen until daytime tomorrow.

Update 2.0

Well Ezlo did not backup last night at 3AM or any later time. I know my reboot meshbot has not fired since the controller uptime is: Uptime Info: 1d 17h 33m 12s. Last backup was done at 5:19PM on April 30 so I had expected on last night. Maybe it will happen later today at the same 5:19PM time (which is actually 4:19CT since the one hour timestamp error I noted earlier). Would be good to understand the logic behind the initiation of a backup as something is strange here. It doesn’t seem simply a backup at a certain time of day.

@Alvaro_Ochoa, does the team have an update on this issue? I believe the account “sync” might be contributing to other issues that I have been experiencing with ezlogic for quite some time so I am anxious to have this resolved.


Good morning @blacey ,

The issue is still under validation. I’ve created this ECS ticket for you to follow up.

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